Restricted Keying Systems
in Caboolture

Superior Protection

Using standard keys for your business presents a serious risk. There is nothing stopping employees or thieves from duplicating keys. You can stop unauthorised access before it happens by installing a restricted keying system or implementing transponder keys. These systems come with keys that are only available through restricted sources, such as certified dealers.

State of the Art Technology

When it comes to the security of your home or business, do not take any chances. We offer the pinnacle of restricted key technology on the market: BiLock Exclusive & Lockwood Restricted Keying. These lines of restricted keying systems offer advanced features using the latest techniques and designs. Combine this new technology with our knowledge & innovation, and you get an impenetrable security system.

You have control

Restricted keying systems have unique features such as pins, springs, bars, transponders and more. These features prevent unauthorised persons from copying keys to sensitive areas. Because of this restricted access, you can be certain that sensitive information, valuables and employees are safe. We will quickly set up your new system and provide you with complete control over your facilities.

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