Thomas Webber – 3rd Finalist for Australia’s Best Young Locksmith Award

Australia’s Best Young Locksmiths Awards (ABYL) 2018
What do you most enjoy about your work as a Locksmith?

After 11+ years as a locksmith and still working with the current company I started my apprenticeship with. I find my job so rewarding in so many ways. From creating relationships with my fellow workmates to ensuring customers security and peace of mind.

I will always remember one job, I was on call and received a call out at 01:30am from a distressed mother. She had been working late this night and her children had been sleeping in the car. As she was getting ready to leave work, her car automatically locked with her keys and children inside. Being able to get this mother back into her car to her children and seeing the relief on her face when I opened the door made the early morning call out worth it and felt so rewarding to help her.

What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed as a locksmith?

There are so many skills required to succeed as a locksmith. For myself, I feel to stand out you must have excellent communication between workers and customers (to ensure the customers’ needs are met to a satisfactory level). Organisation skills are also required to ensure that you have all the relevant lock equipment, tools and hardware
required to complete the job.

No customer wants to hear we can’t complete the job today we will need to
come back.

Patience is crucial when dealing with customers and completing those difficult jobs in a timely manner.

What are your career goals?

In the future I would like to see myself managing a successful business whether this is for the current company I work for or for myself.

To be honest, I love my job. But I am always looking for opportunities to expand my abilities and knowledge.

What does winning the award of ‘Australia’s Best Young Locksmith’ mean to you?

Knowing that I can accomplish anything in life and that rewarding feeling that comes when you have succeeded in life. When you devoted so much of your time, hard work and knowledge to your career as a locksmith. This accomplishment would be the most rewarding and motivating feeling to push me further with my future career to one day manage/own my own business.

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